Florina is one of four provinces that make up the Region of Western Macedonia. It is located in the northern Greek border, where the former Republic of Macedonia and Albania meet. The main characteristic of the prefecture is that it has six lakes: the largest part of Snall Prespa Lake, a part of Great Prespa Lake, a part of Vegoritis lake, as well as Zazari, Petres and Cheimaditida lakes. The climate is continental, with snowfall during the winter months. The local economy is mainly based on agriculture and animal husbandry and the area is famous for its products such as Amyntaio wines, Prespes legumes and cereals and Florina peppers. In recent years tourism has developed in the area. The picturesque mountain villages (especially Nymfaio and Prespa Lakes villages) attract visitors who are interested in exploring the nature and the traditions of the region.

The capital, Florina, and Amyntaio city are the most important urban centers of the prefecture. Florina is the commercial and administrative center. It is a beautiful town of 15,000 residents which is crossed by Sakouleva River. The natural beauty of the city, with the mountains and lush vegetation surrounding it, and the customs that remain alive till nowadays, make Florina a highly charming city to visit.